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Fall Quarterly

This will be held in October 2023, stay tuned for more details.

Earn points during the summer quarter for the fall tourney. 

60 points to qualify.

Start with more chips at the Quarterly, 50 chips per point.

Win cash: 

1st place, $300-$2,000

2nd, 100

3rd-4th, 50

1st place winner will get a bonus hand to determine the amount they win:

Four ACES or better,  $1000 cash

ACES Full or better,  $700 cash

Three ACES or better,  $500 cash

Pair of ACES or better,  $400 cash

ACE high or better,  $350 cash

All other hands,  $300 cash

Jackpot Hand:

ACE high spades straight flush,  $2000 cash

(Play both hole cards for Jackpot Hand)

Win points and extra bonus chips all quarter: 

1st place: 1000 points, 2 bonus chips and a triple stack

2nd: 700 points, 2 bonus chips and a triple stack

3rd-4th: 500 points, 2 bonus chips and a double stack

5th-7th: 400 points, 2 bonus chips

8th-10th: 300 points, 2 bonus chips

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