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Fall Quarterly

This Sunday, October 22 2023

Bar opens at 11am

Early Bird Lunch Bonus, order before 1130am

Poker starts at 12 noon

Win cash: 

1st place, $300-$2,000

2nd, 100

3rd-4th, 50

1st place winner will get a bonus hand to determine the amount they win:

Four ACES or better,  $1000 cash

ACES Full or better,  $700 cash

Three ACES or better,  $500 cash

Pair of ACES or better,  $400 cash

ACE high or better,  $350 cash

All other hands,  $300 cash

Jackpot Hand:

ACE high spades straight flush,  $2000 cash

(Play both hole cards for Jackpot Hand)

Win points and extra bonus chips all quarter: 

1st place: 1000 points, 2 bonus chips and a triple stack

2nd: 700 points, 2 bonus chips and a triple stack

3rd-4th: 500 points, 2 bonus chips and a double stack

5th-7th: 400 points, 2 bonus chips

8th-10th: 300 points, 2 bonus chips

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