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With a new system in place some rules have understandably been questioned hopefully this helps with some of those.

BONUS CHIP VALUE: The BONUS chip is of no value before the 2nd break. Before the 2nd break, if a player loses all of their chips they can use 4 BONUS chips to "re-buy" back in. After the 2nd break, the BONUS chips are in play as 1000 denomination chips.

BUSTING OUT, BUT WANTING TO COME IN AFTER 2nd BREAK: In the event a player loses all of their chips and does not wish to get back in before the 2nd break they may wait and do the 2nd Drink Round and come into the tournament with just the 15,000 chips.

GIVING BONUS CHIPS TO FRIENDS: A player IS ALLOWED to give one or more of their BONUS chips to anyone they want before the 2nd Break. Once the second break has happened the BONUS chips are in play and can no longer be given away. 


SACRIFICING CHIPS FOR NEW STACK: If you are under 10,000 before the second break, you are able to sacrifice your remaining chip stack and 4 Bonus chips for a new 10,000 stack.

We play by modified WSOP rules.

Blinds – Blind levels will be approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Blinds should be posted prior to the hand being dealt. 

If the player in the big blind is eliminated, There will not be a small blind for the next hand.  If the player in the small blind is eliminated, the blinds will move to the left as usual, but the same dealer will deal again.

Seating – Depending on the venue, a maximum of 10 players will sit at each table (8 at some venues).  The Tournament Director will assign players to a table. 

Betting– Verbal declarations, in turn, regarding wagers are binding.  Players must always act in turn.  Action out of turn will be binding if the action to that player has not changed.  ONE CHIP RULE is in play (if a player throws one chip in it is just a call no matter the denomination of the chip if the player's intent is to raise they must announce "raise").

Table Talk – Players are discouraged from disclosing contents of live or folded hands, offering advise or criticizing play at any time, reading a hand that hasn’t been tabled, or discussing strategy with an outside source during a hand. Once a hand is heads up the players may talk to their opponent in an attempt to deceive them, but no player who has folded should say anything about the hand.

Absent Players – An absent player will always be dealt a hand and is put up for their blinds.

The Tournament Director – The TD is responsible for all table, seating, and dealer decisions.  The TD is responsible for handling the blind clock and chip ups, but may delegate this task to any dealer/player at his/her discretion.  In the case of disputes and rule interpretations, the TD will have final authority.  Players must respect all FHL equipment and venues.  Any player who acts inappropriately or deliberately damages property will be suspended or banned, at a length of time determined by the league owners.

Winnings – Each round will be played until only one person remains or until the final players make a mutual decision to split the prize.  No player is obligated to split the prize.  Prizes will be awarded immediately once the round is over, by the venue or TD.

All-ins – If a player is all-in and reveals their cards prematurely during live play, their cards will remain live and exposed until the winner of the hand is determined.

Exposed & Mucked Cards – If a player reveals one or both of their cards during live play, the card(s) will remain live and exposed until the winner of the hand is determined.  "Touching the muck" is a myth, TD will have final say.

Card & Chip Visibility – All players must protect their cards and chips at all times.  All cards and chips (specifically large denomination chips) must also be visible to all players at the table.


**Incentives will be provided to players who support the venues by purchasing food and drinks.

ACES Structure

(This guide is a baseline for the standard plan. Host may make any adjustments to improve the flow of the tourney.  Floor decision is final)

Blind levels: 10-20 Minutes

Starting Stack: About 10,100 (rebuys 10,000)

100 - 100

100 - 200

200 - 400

Break/DRINK ROUND 1 (Bonus Chips for Bar purchases)

300 - 600

400 - 800

500 - 1000

Break/Color Up/DRINK ROUND 2 (Bonus Chips for Bar purchases)

1000 - 2000

2000 - 4000

3000 - 6000


6000 - 12k

(Color Up)




Every Bar has a different system, but this is an example:


1/4 Wicked Spade BONUS Chips are not in play until after DRINK ROUND 2. They are worth 1/4 of a "re-buy" and 4 of them can be exchanged for 10,000 chips if a player loses all of their chips before DRINK ROUND 2. After DRINK ROUND 2, they are worth 1000.

Maximum 100 BONUS Chips before DRINK ROUND 2


10 - New Player
10 - Bring new Player
1 - Each Drink
4 - Dinner
2 - App or Dessert
4 - Played ACES Yesterday
1 - Sign-in by 6:45pm
1 - Wear FHL, IHPL or ACES Gear
1 - Your AA cracked
100 - Bad Beat (Quads or better loses Both cards in both hands must play)
1 - per $10 in receipts from host bar on non-poker night

DRINK ROUND ONE - get 6 Bonus chips: 2 drinks or food+drink

DRINK ROUND TWO - get 3 green chips: 2 drinks or food+drink

AT 2nd BREAK - BONUS Chips become 1000s

Players earn 10 points for the Quarterly Tournament by showing up and extra for finishing in the top 9


WINNER - 150

2nd - 90

3rd - 80

4th - 70

5th - 60

6th - 50

7th - 40

8th - 30

9th - 20

10th-1000th - 10


Host each night is allowed to make any changes. Floor decision is Final.

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