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Free Football Pool
-sign up anytime in the season-

Free to join, free to play, free to win.

Choose any 7 games from NFL or college each week.

Pick a a team to cover on each of your 7 games.

Win 1 point for each correct pick.

Each "week" begins Thursday and ends after Monday night football.

Open to all league members, an anyone invited by a member.

Season Winners

(all players): 

1st place, $1,000 cash

2nd, $300 cash

3rd, $200 cash

4th, $100 cash

5th, $50 cash

6th, $50 cash

7th, $50 cash

Weekly Winners (poker league only): 

5 correct picks: 20points, 1 bonus chip all week.

6 correct picks: 40points, 2 bonus chips all week.

7 correct picks: 200 points, 5 bonus chips all week.

Weekly prizes will change throughout the season, check back here for the latest.

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