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Summer Quarterly

Join us Sunday 16 July at Choo Choo Bar and Grill

11:45am Early Bird Lunch.  Order lunch between 11:45-12:30 and get 50,000 extra chips

12:15pm Sign in starts. Starting stack is 100,000 plus 50 chips for each of your Quarterly Points

1:00pm Tournament starts 

Win cash: 

1st place, $300-$1,000

2nd, 100

3rd-4th, 50

1st place winner will get a bonus hand to determine the amount they win 

Four ACES or better, 1000

ACES Full or better, 700

Three ACES or better, 500

Pair of ACES or better, 400

ACE high or better, 350

All other hands, 300

Win points and extra bonus chips all quarter: 

1st place: 1000 points, 2 bonus chips and a triple stack

2nd: 700 points, 2 bonus chips and a triple stack

3rd-4th: 500 points, 2 bonus chips and a double stack

5th-7th: 400 points, 2 bonus chips

8th-10th: 300 points, 2 bonus chips

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